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Let's See How we work hard for you?

How Our Team Use the tools to get the repair job done? Here we have our proper Portfolio that we would like to share and uploaded for you to keep all the transparency. Please have a look in the Video below.

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Replacing Apple iPhone Battery by Phone King

That’s how We change batteries and replace iPhones and other Mobiles for our customers. In this video, I have removed an iPhone battery with SMD Machine to troubleshoot iPhone 5SE.

if we are unable to replace the iPhone battery with a company-fitted rubber then we use SMD machines to provide sufficient heat that replaces the phone battery and even protects it from fire.

Serving people is what I love always and I'm glad to get an opportunity to serve under the canopy of Phone King (A Helping hand)
Uplaksh Sarangal
Mobile Engineer

Other Projects

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We have brought up some of the coolest products in the market for your ease.

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