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About Us

Our Story

How everything started from Zero to Thousands- Know everything about Phone King today.

Coming straight from a Local city Nehru Vihar in Delhi. I was interested in mobile technology and at a very young age. I started learning and upgrading my mind in troubleshooting mobiles and testing them. 

Earlier in 2010, I started getting friends’ mobile phones and do them for free to get an experience till 2014. Then I started making relationships with many people in my town and doing it as my freelancing for a living.

Later on, in 2016 I build many customers offline in the market and continuously keep doing it. I chose this as a career and I was always passionate about learning technology. In 2019, I started a youtube channel naming Uplaksh Sarangal where I started uploading youtube videos and I will keep it continue with my work because I love to provide knowledge to everyone and aware of current technology. 

Why we are different

Experience makes a person have a better life is what all the team members have. We are proud of us serving many people in our Delhi state. And we always keep the transparency providing full information about the jobs that we do in every single job. 

Our services have a quality that we work hard and we satisfy people with much care and effort. 

Our delivery system will help you free pick up and delivering work in your location.

Our mission is to serve each person of the society about technology and help them in troubleshooting mobile phones.

Super Efficient

Jobs will be done on time.

Deeply Commited

Keeping transparency is our duty

Highly Skilled

A great experience is what we have

Uplaksh Sarangal


Sarbjeet Singh (Prince)

Co- Founder

Phone King

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